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Bixo FinTech is the next-gen financial solutions company that has financial experts at the core who are focused on creating sustainable and profitable Bitcoin and Forex investment opportunities. From our CEO, James Bernard, our knowledge team and market analyst, to our financial experts and support staff, we have countless years of experience in the financial market and emerging as a global leader in the market with a Forex and Cryptocurrency trading platform.

Company number 11994515 based in the United Kingdom. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: 40 Dean Street, Soho, London, United Kingdom, W1D 4PX.Bixo Fintech offers multiple possibilities in the Financial sector with key focus on Forex and Crypto market. Our company is constantly evolving, as it improves its marketing components and creates new investment proposals. All this makes BIXO FINTECH an industry leader and to be able to provide a large set of financial expertise and also adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Bixo Fintech Roadmap

  1. Conceptual Design for Bixo Fintech
  2. Conceptual Design for Bixo Trade
  3. Trading strategy and Trading plan development
  4. Frontend Development of Corporate Identity.
  5. Obtain necessary permits and licenses
    Real trading with local investors
    Expand client base
  6. Conceptual design for Bixo Mining
  7. Hackathon for the development team in Budapest, Hungary.
    Signing a contract with first forex broker
    Bixo Fintech Website reconstructed to www.bixofintech.com
  8. Conceptual design for Bixo Pay
    Conceptual design for Bixo Money
    Conceptual design for Bixo Invest
  9. Platform Development of Bixo Trade
  10. Money management strategy
    Algorithmic Trading Implementation
  11. Test Trade Implemented with algorithmic trading
  12. Conceptual design for Bixo AI
  13. Conceptual design for Bixo Cash
    Conceptual design for Bixo Coin
  14. Implementing Machine learning technology with Bixo Trade
  15. Hackathon for the development team in Katowice, Poland
    Test Trade Implemented with Machine learning technology
  16. Introducing more forex broker partners
  17. Bixo Trade Global Pre Launch
  18. Bixo Trade Global Launch
  19. Partnering with online payment services and expanding team
  20. Test transactions with Bixo Pay
  21. 1st Success event & new years celebration ( 30th of December 2021 - 2nd of January 2022 )
    Bixo Pay Official Launch
  22. Expanding Client Base
    Implementing Bixo money as redeemable points/payments
  23. Bixo Money official Launch
    Groundwork for Bixo Mining
  24. Implementation of traditional mining and cloud-based mining
  25. Bixo Mining pre-launch
  26. Bixo Mining Official Launch
  27. Partnering with Cryptocurrency Tokens
  28. Bixo Invest Official Launch
  29. Partnering with ICOs
  30. Whitepaper development starts for Bixo Coin
  31. 2nd Success event & new years celebration ( 30th of December 2021 - 2nd of January 2022 )
  32. Bixo Coin Official Launch
  33. Partnering with financial institutes for Bixo Cash
  34. Bixo Cash Official Launch
  35. Hackathon for the development team in Seoul, South Korea
  36. Development of Bixo AI software starts
  37. Bixo AI Official Launch
    3rd Success event & new years celebration ( 30th of December 2023 - 2nd of January 2024 )
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Our Certificates

UK Certificate of Incorporation

Company No: 11994515

Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation

Company No: 2894622

USA Certificate of Incorporation




Mr. James Bernard has studied Computers and Business from the University of San Francisco and London Business School and has always had a keen interest towards Forex Trading and other Online Businesses. Before joining Bixo Fintech his past work experience has been with FXCM, a global leader in Forex Trading where he was working as a Senior Treasury Manager for the European and Asian region. Prior to that, he has also served as a Head of Corporate Forex for a large international specialist banking and asset management groups in London and Dublin.

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